A Muslims behaviourPart II


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Excerpt from an article "A Muslim's Behaviour".

This is second in the series of sayings of Prophet Muhammed regarding the merciful and compassionate behaviour of a Muslim.
26.God is Gentle and loves gentleness in all things. (Bukhari & Muslim
27.Gentleness adorns everything and its absence leaves everything defective. (Muslim)
28.Honour your children (especially daughters) and make provisions for their proper upbringing. (Ibn Majah)
29.One who brings up three daughters, teaches them good manners and morals, arranges their marriages and treats them with fairness, deserves to be ushered into Paradise.(Abu Dawud)
30.Paradise lies at the feet of the mothers. (As-Suyuti
31.On one occasion the Prophet observed : Most unfortunate is the person whose parents are aged and who fails to win Paradise through taking good care of them. (Bukhari)
32.A man came seeking permission to participate in jihad (Holy War). The Prophet asked him : Are your parents alive? The man said : Yes. He sent him away saying : Then go back and find your jihad in serving them. (Muslim)

33.He who wishes to enter Paradise through the best door must please his father and mother.
34.The most perfect of believers in the matter of faith is he whose behaviour is best; and the best of you are those who behave best towards their wives. (Tirmidhi)
35.You will not enter Paradise until you have faith, and you will not complete your faith until you love one another. (Bukhari & Muslim
36.He who eases the hardship of another, will have ease bestowed upon him by God in this world and the next... God goes on helping a servant so long as he goes on helping his fellow-man. (Muslim)
37.In his farewell address, the Prophet said : You are all brothers and are all equals. None of you can claim any privilege or any superiority over any other. An Arab is not to be preferred to a non-Arab, nor is a non-Arab to be preferred to an Arab; nor is a white man to be preferred to a coloured one, or a coloured one to a white, except on the basis of righteousness. (Musnad Ahmad)

38.The Prophet, during his night prayer, used to say, O God! I hear witness that all human beings are brothers. (An-Nasai)
39.Even with regard to servants, the Prophet said : They are your brothers, and you must treat them as such. Provide them with the kind of clothes that you wear, and if you set them a hard task, join them in it to help them complete it. (Abu Dawud)
40.The Prophet observed : None of you can be a believer unless you desire for your fellow-man what you desire for yourself. (Bukhari)
41.He who defends the honour of his fellow-man, God will shield his face against the fire on the Day of Judgement. (Tirmidhi)
42.God is not merciful to him who is not merciful to mankind.
43.He who keeps away from his brother and fellowman for a year is as if he had slain him. (Abu Dawud)
44.The Prophet was very insistent upon kindness towards animals. On the occasion he noticed a dove flying around agitatedly, and discovered that somebody had caught its young. He was very annoyed and asked the person to restore the young to the mother immediately. (Abu Dawud)
45.A woman was tormented on account of a cat which she had shut up till it died. On that account she entered the Fire. (Muslim)
46.Forgiveness was granted to an unchaste woman who, coming up on a dog panting and almost dead with thirst at the mouth of a well, took off her shoe, tied it with her head covering, and drew some water for it. On that account she was forgiven. (Bukhari)
47.The Prophet forbade beating or branding an animal on its face. (Muslim)
48.You will be rewarded by God for your acts of kindness towards all living creatures.
49.There is no man who kills a sparrow, or any other living creature (even it may be more despicable than a little sparrow) without its deserving it, but God will ask him about it. (An-Nasai)
50.For a Muslim, it is an act of charity to plant a tree or till a land where birds or people or animal come and eat its fruits (al-Bazzar).
He who eases the hardship of another, will have ease bestowed upon him by God in this world and the next... God goes on helping a servant so long as he goes on helping his fellow-man (Muslim).

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