A Letter for Prime Minister: Dont want to be part of 7.6 Million Overseas

Yasir Dil

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Honorable Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef
Prime Minister for Pakistan

Hope so you’re doing best with your health, it is to inform that as a citizen and youth of Pakistan I am very much positive about the economic, social and political progress of our country and the latest development in strengthening Country status in International market. Honorable Prime Minister I am also well aware the effort of your for overseas Pakistan and that is why I find it more comfortable to share some statistic and recommendation for reducing this brain drain.

Pakistan unemployment rate 7.80 % for the labor force of 58 million approx. of total population consist of 188 Millionshttp://www.siasat.pk/forum/#_edn1 .The current situation and the past political paradigm had made worst environment for the nearly 5% of college/university graduates and skilled/intellectual human resource of country which in result make it obligatory for them to move to developed countries for their better future.

Nearly 7.6 Million overseas Pakistani working abroad and the main concentration regions are Middle East, Europe, USA and Australia but the good news is these Pakistani contributing US$15 Billion as second largest source of foreign exchange but unfortunately the upcoming trend of asylums and brain drain is very much scary of for the image of Pakistan in international Markets for which in 2012-13 Pakistanis Workers who are working in Saudi Arabia on Azad Visas or working with employers other than their own sponsors/Kafeels, declared illegal by Saudi’s Government. The Saudi Government had introduced a program called “Nitaqat Program” (Saudization) aiming at arresting and deporting illegal foreign workers.[ii] Secondly as reported by UNHCR some 26300 Pakistani applied for asylum in industrialized countries.

Brain waste is used in the case when highly skilled is underemployed. Physicians working as taxi drivers are a good example of this phenomenon. This situation occurs both in the sending and receiving country. (Nadia Ijaz – Qurtuba University)
Well the phenomena of brain drain is impact of insincere policy which is unfavorable to the young generation of society and the middle class communities .Let me give you example of my story where my whole family migrated Australia and why they moved because they have find that depressive political scenario and they also forcing me to come to Australia but I really don’t know why I see Pakistan as progressive country and I believe sooner or later Pakistan will rise

.Honorable PM there are lot other patriot who have opportunity to migrate other country but they still struggling in and for Pakistan but let me tell you that on most of occasion I planned to Migrate from Pakistan I had complete by graduation in 2011 and Masters in 2014 but before master I had struggled and volunteer 3 years for the welfare of the society unfortunately I couldn’t get any self-applied opportunity because the most of the vacancies in Pakistan are pre occupied just to meet the formality these vacancies are announced but If my word seems to manipulation I can prove it rather then going into blame game I request you to working on Human Resource policy which will help the job sector to choose right man for the right job with addition to that I didn’t give up and atlas I got a Job in my field which will encourage me to not leave this resourceful country .

I will be thankful if you can take some serious actions to be implemented by bringing reforms in Human Resource policies, reducing brain drain and enhance the productivity among the incapable youth too.
Best Regards,
Yasir Dil
Citizen of Pakistan

http://www.siasat.pk/forum/#_ednref1 Trading Economics. 2015. Pakistan Unemployment Rate 1985-2015. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.tradingeconomics.com/pakistan/unemployment-rate.

[ii] (Year Book 2013-14, 2015)
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i wonder how can we increase Patwary drain from Pakistan. As long as they control our politics and country brain drain will increase


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Filhat tu yeah Quom Indian Movies aur Sattu pe Kar soo rahi hey. Musharraf sold dignity of this country for 1.5 million dollars and Dar made the whole country slave for IMF 1 Billion dollar but there is no one to care about people sending 15 billion dollars as a remittances.

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اگر پاک - چین اقتصادی راہداری منصوبہ بڑی حد تک عملی صورت اختیار کر پاتا ھے تو اگلے دس سالوں میں پاکستان بڑی اقتصادی، معاشی، صنعتی، سیاسی اور نفسیاتی تبدیلیوں سے گزرے گا اور استحصالی نظام اپنی موجودہ شکل میں برقرار نھیں رہ سکے گا، ھمارے مقامی ٹھگوں کی جگہ عالمی سرمایہ دار نے لے لینی ھے لیکن وہ غریب کے تن پر کپڑے ضرور رھنے دیں گے

اس خطے میں کسی ایسی تبدیلی کے آثار نھیں ھیں کہ غریب راج کرے گا یا فلاحی ریست کا تصور عملی شکل اختیار کر پاےؑ گا یا سماجی نا انصافی میں کمی آےؑ گی، ھندوستان اپنے بہتر ذرایؑع اور مستحکم معیشت کے ساتھ ھم سے آگے چل رھا ھے اور باوجودیکہ اس کا ایک سرا عالمی طاقتوں کے کلب کو چھو رھا ھے، اس کی دُم بدستور اسی مکروہ استحصالی نظام میں پیوست ھے جہاں ھر سال اوسطا" تیرہ ھزار کسان قرض تلے دب کر خودکشی کر لیتے ھیں، نصف سے زیادہ آبادی کو فلش سسٹم کی افادیت کا پتا ھے اور نہ سہولت حاصل ھے

ھندوستان کی آج کی تصویر پاکستان کی 30/40 سال بعد کی تصویر ھے، شاید بلند و بالا عمارتوں کے جنگل اُگ آیؑیں، سڑکوں پر ذاتی چھوٹی گاڑیوں کا اژدھام ھو، کنبہ چھوٹا ھو جاےؑ لیکن اس لیپا پوتی کی جھوٹی تہہ کے نیچے بچوں سمیت مایؑں بھوک کے ھاتھوں نہروں میں تب بھی کود رھی ھوں گی، غریب ھر شام بیوی کی بک جھک سُنتا اسے پیٹتا جا رھا ھوگا

برِ صغیر کے لوگ یہاں کی نسبت اگلی دنیا کے معاملات میں زیادہ سنجیدگی سے دلچسپی لیتے ھیں