A legend from my home, who left me yesterday!


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Mere NAana jo kal subha 31 March, 2010 ko, meri 22nd birthday wale din iss dunia se ruhsat ho gaey.........
Here is the link, I really feel proud ov my NAana after reading these lines from Amir Khakwani!


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Please accept my condolences on the departure of your grandfather. Also accept my opology for not knowing the great work that he has accomplished and I do feel ashamed that I have been ignorent of the blessed presence of such a great scholar in our amidst.
Recently I have been wondering why is there no encyclopedia on Koran and seerat and also on the hsitory of muslims and Pakistan,now I know that we have these treasures, will you please send me the names of the encyclopedias compiled by great scholar S.Qasim. I will be grateful.


Very sorry to hear this news, may his soul rest in peace. may Allah give him comfort hereafter. Ameen


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So sad to read the news.
Allah (SWT) Ap Kay Nana Kay Darajat Buland Farmain aur Ap Ko Sabar e Jameel. Ameen.


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Thank u all for ur condolences. I m gr8ful 2 u all.

all the encyclopedias he has compiled are with the names of the topic. i.e. islami encyclopedia, Encyclopedia pakistanica, encyclopedia scientifica.
encyclopedia Quraniyaat was in the process of publishing, it was being published with this name. but I dont know what is its status right now. whether it will b published now or not cuz it was being published in episodes.
each episode contained one "harf " ov Arabic i.e "alif" was one episode and all the words starting from the letter "alif" were in that episode and there respective uses in Quran, and there histories.
The islami encyclopedia was published quite long ago and encyclopedia Pakistanica also.
the other magazine "ahyaa-e-uloom" is also a wonderful peace of art.


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His son Syed Asim Mehmood is also Incharge Sunday magazine, express news.
u can also write 2 him for that purpose.