A Dog honored as HERO and laid to rest for giving his Life.


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[h=1]When This Hero Was Laid To Rest, He Was Truly Honored... And He's A Dog.[/h]
An officer of the law who dies doing his duty deserves our highest respect. Laying down one's own life to protect others is a truly noble cause, and is something that isn't celebrated enough. That's why when truly unfortunate events happen, the ones that take these living angels from our lives, it becomes our responsibility to celebrate them.
No matter their species.

[h=3]On August 24, 2014, Kye, a 3-year-old Belgian German shepherd police dog, was stabbed to death in Oklahoma City.[/h]

[h=3]He died in the line of duty, running down a high speed car chase suspect, who crashed and fled on foot, only to be tracked down by Kye and subdued.[/h]

[h=3]Sadly, after being stopped by Kye, the suspect repeatedly stabbed the dog before being shot and killed by Kye's handler.[/h]Source: http://www.viralnova.com/honored-k9/


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Once upon a time humans used to lay their life for each other and great cause, but gone are the days. Thankfully, God created dogs as symbol of loyalty, do we need to learn from dogs again?
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