a column from past .must read.how americans choose our civil and millitary leaders,proof


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read the below column carefully


it tells us how americans did not accept Air Marshal Shahid Latif as pakistani air force chief .though air marshal shahid latif was senior most in air force and was labelled as a .q khan (hero) of pakistan airforce, but as americans did not approve him so he was not given chief of airforce position and was disgraced and forced to quit.

shahid latif is the one who was behind manufacture of air forces J F thunder planes which were made when america refused to give pakistanis the F 16 planes,and pakistan had no modern planes in airforce than ,so he was sort of hero of air force ,

but inspite of these heroics rao sulman qamer was appointed chief of air staff on american orders though he was not on merit.

americans perhaps had reservations that maybe shahid latif wont allow such open drone attacks on pakistani soil from american air bases in jacobabad and balochistan and may be that he wont allow pakistani airforce to bomb tribal areas of our own country (though i think he too would have agreed in the end but still americans dont take chances ....}

so they dictated pakistan to appoint rao sulman qamer as air chief who seems very obedient in helping united states in its war against "terror "

we must also remember that pakistan,s one former air chief "air mashaf ali mir" was killed in a plane crash in musharaf era ,later some airforce men publically revealed that air chief mashaf ali had refused to allow americans too much free access into pakistani airbases to attack afghanistan and pakistani tribal areas.so musharaf first threatened him than his agencies and americans blew up his plane in air.and just like zia ul haqs plane crash the mashaf mirs death in plane crash was labelled as accident!!!! who in sane mind can believe that such vip persons plane can be so badly maintained that it fell down on a clear day while not even clouds were in air.

anyway the above article is an eye opener to those people who dont believe what people like us have to say.that every higher post in pakistan is filled under dictation from kufar and they decide who will get what position and who will get extension and who will be retired.pakistanis are in worse slavery at present than they were before 1947 ,atleast than their forefathers thought of british or hindu slavery as something not acceptable,but now no one even cares.

no wonder that present air chief of pakistan is gladly bombing pakistani tribal areas daily killing common citizens (just a week back many women and children were killed in pak air force bombing in waziristan)
so daily either american drone attacks and than pakistani jet bombings kill tribal people who are loyal to pakistan ,thus driving these patriotic pakistanis to the wall where they have no option left but to defend themselves against these assaults with whatever means they can (pakhtoons blood is famous for not being cold like most other races blood in indo pakistan,so accept full revenge someday,an eye for an eye ) .
our media never shows the carnage left after drone attacks plus pakistani jets bombing in tribal areas.people tell that how their childrens dead body parts are found scattered after these bombings.this dajjali system only gives one face of the picture .so no muslim should ever trust pakistani media.
what sort of country we are.when india occupies siachen and when last year indian planes entered inside pakistan borders our airforce remained silent but bombs its own citizen. whose only sin is that they do not accept american slavery .
so wait for allahs punishments which now seem to have started like rain drops in succession
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Thanks brother for reminding us, if u watch 11 sep shahid masood VIEWS ON NEWS, u will know what these GHADDARS have done to actual AQ KHAN.
So they will never want Pakistan to get benefit from these loyal persons like AQ KHAN either it is in AIR FORCE, ARMY, NAVY or any other department.
When will we get rid of these ghaddars.???


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like ive said before a million times kiyani is americas man...has anything changed so far ?? , more drone attacks, more pakistanis dieing , more or everything...expect nothing from the ruling elite whether in the army, paliament or bureaucracy

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This is the extend where the foreign countries play their games after buying the politicians and their agents by puffing up their foreign bank accounts. There is no MURD E MOOMIN left in Pakistan . All we got are these midgets who are sold outs and foreign agents. Shame on these who still priase our Army generals and their stooges.


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This is not just contemporary story this has been going on for very long time.Our nation is so fertile with the people in question like Mir sadiq and Mir jafer.