9/11 families, others rally in favor of NYC mosque


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NEW YORK: The planned mosque and Islamic center blocks from the World Trade Center site in New York is getting a new boost from a coalition of supporters that includes 9/11 families.

New York Neighbors for American Values rallied for the first time Wednesday at a municipal building near ground zero.

Talat Hamdani says her paramedic son, a Muslim, gave his life on Sept. 11, 2001, to save Americans and their values, including freedom of religion.

The group was started by members of 40 civic and religious organizations. It plans a candlelight vigil near ground zero on Sept. 10, the eve of the ninth Sept. 11 anniversary.

The head of the watchdog group Common Cause New York, Susan Lerner, says the controversy over the Islamic cultural center was triggered by "irresponsible politicians" using it as an election issue.



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Great news.
Here are some comments.

"This is not just about Muslims; this is about who we are as Americans," said Lerner, adding that to oppose the Islamic center is "a slippery slope. There will always be people who are offended standing next to people who are different from others."
Rabbi Arthur Waskow, director of New York's Shalom Center, said the project will show the world a form of Islam that espouses peace — not the Islam of the terrorists.

Zionist Hindu

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Why muslims expect compassion and talk about human right when they are in minority but never reciprocate. Many people in USA don't know what goes on in muslim countries.
Following are the thoughts of american who knows thing or two about muslims:


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Better to make a synagogue there.

T o Show that here is New World trade center and here is New World Order center.

Wht about the WTC # 7 building, Put a Casino or Night Club there.....the biggest financial center.


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My personal openion is that muslim should not built a mosque there if points have been raised ....

They are offering them a new place too....

Better to move there.... To avoid and Fasad....Which is not good... rather worst....

Otherwise in future there will be lots of problems are coming in future , including killing of muslims too...


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hindu zionist bandar ke bache rat aur monkey ke pooja karney waley.......baagh ja yahan se hindustan walon ney tera moon kala ker ke humarey paas bejh diya hai...
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