80 workers of PAT and PTI have been arrested by Islamabad Police


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نورا گردی شروع ہو چکی ...مزاکرات کو ایک ٹھوکر سے ختم کر دینا چاہیے پی ٹی ای اور پی اے ٹی کو


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Abdul Haadi

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These arrests coming after Imran Khan announced of Saturday dharna and disclosing of mna's who were involved in murder.


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protest is people right but attacking state building is no one right. police should arrest these people because they are clearly seen on videos.

padri said that these attackers were not there members but now they are complaining that we will not talk unless police release these criminals.


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ن لیگ کی چھوٹی چھوٹی خوشیاں-سیلاب میں فوٹو بنواناشیرو پر تنقیدبنی گالا کی سڑکڈی جے بٹ کی گرفتارینواز شہباز کی تصویریں فوٹو شاپ کرنا

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