8 PM With Fareeha Idrees - 14th August 2013 - Pakistan after 66 Years


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Good but little confusing program. Divide this program theory in compartments:

1. Science, Engineering, Medicine, Finance, Accounting, and other hard sciences education is GLOBAL in nature. I have taught Western business practices in China. We have to cooperate,learn, live, and develop with the world not alone. Muslim nations have done nothing in research and above areas in modern history because of illiterate rulers, politicians, and 1850 British system, we did not change in 67 years.

2. We did not develop democracy. Blaming others will not bring any progress. Leadership is groomed at lower level from City and Village in China and in western modern democracies. Pakistani democracy is for few families. Constitution is also made and changed for personalities and their families, not for the people (18th & 19th amendments are examples). Pakistani democracy is for few elite not for people: one PM and 4 CMs. Blame these looters and incompetent politicians not foreign elements who have and will always be against Islam. We have to protect ourselves while growing and developing with global pace. Our Civil and Military leaders have NEVER delivered. Both have blamed each other but never changed the system which will never deliver and has not delivered. Change will not be implemented from outside. It has to be adopted within and has to be defined and specific: 10,000 mayors, 40 Governors, and One President: all elected by people. (USA has 19,700 Mayors and China has more than 50,000. Do ratio analysis)....

3. Pakistan was created as TWO nation theory for the Muslims of sub-continent in particular and world in general. Allah is angry with us since we refused to take 250,000 non Bengalis in 1971. Within 10 years we ended up with 3 million Afghans who changed Pakistan for ever. Still we have time to bring them back for Raza-e-Ilahi.
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