50 Minutes - 17th Sep 2010 - Pakistani youth has to come up and lead the country


MPA (400+ posts)
hats off to the guy in the end from govt college...i agree with him our people are so brainwashed and filled with hatred, conspiracies etc etc that we dont even look into ourselves anymore..
and he is right i know that some people blamed US for the floods in pakistan what can v expect from them..they may also blame the increasing population of pakistan on US and Israel lol
and i totally agree with what he said about the vision of PPP..."roti kapra aur makan" if this is their goal then we would never go beyond that...how will v ever have institutions and inventions in our country with just roti kapra aur makan...very well said brother and Ali Moeen gave some strong arguments too..
comeone v have to wake up now ..its enough 62 years is enough...v cant let our country become a failed state...
god bless my pakistan!!!


Rauf bhai you wasted your time and mine. Moin Nawazish 22 A grades in” A” level very impressive but a dumb. I lost trust on O & A level examination. All the the top intellectual kids of Pakistan are dumb founded. They are like toddlers, Rauf Bhai no Buddha alas alas alas …. Our sabzi wala is more natural and logical than these idiots.

Please Zardari and Nawaz Sharif is more capable than these idiots