5 Sal Say France main Mukim Pakistani Jaan ki Bazi har gya Maa K Bura Hal


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May Allah forgive Major and Minor Sins of our deceased brother. Amin. May Allah give strength to his loved ones. Amin
Based on my knowledge of Deen e Islam, deceased should be buried in the same area and ASAP. Which means dead body should not be moved to another location. May Allah act us on Deen e Islam.

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Sad as it maybe, all flights are suspended and there is no way possible to send an entire flight just for remains. Although there is news that IK has asked to send flights to bring back stranded Pakistanis, don't know when that is going to happen, so it is advisable to just bury the body there itself.


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5.5 saal se Pakistan nahi gaya? what an idiot! I know people living in france who go crazy unless they come to Pakistan every 3-4 months....
U must be joking right ?or making joke of their life ?
Look at the house and parent condition , they saying the sent him out while being extremely poor , do majority of people living in france visit pk every 3 months ? Must be jobless right ?