25 Hilarious Ads Found Only In Pakistan

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25 Hilarious Ads Found Only In Pakistan


There is a large variety of advertisements in Pakistan; some are highly creative and innovative, while others are awkward but funny. And then, there are some that will leave you speechless, confused, astonished, shocked, surprised and shaken.
Here are 25 hilarious ads you can only find in Pakistan.

1. Thats right, single and unmarried!

: Only In Pakistan face book page

2. Are you a chick lover?

3. We can alter anything

4. Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi tabdeeli aagayi hai!

5. I thought only cars and machines had spare parts

6. Public service message

7. Dont you dare to touch my pakoras

Source: wonderfulpoint.com

8. Only for you

9. Bringing technology one step closer

10. After Twitter supari we present to you Facebook finger chips!

11. And Suddenly we had a New VIP hotel

12. OMG! Superhero in town.

13. DON is just one sachet away.

14. You can chew the Prime Minister of Pakistans head off literally

15. Seriously?

16. A kulfi that says it all!

17. Tired of load shedding?

18. No, I am not a terrorist.

19. LOL

20. Ahem!

21. Udd udd dabangg dabangg dabangg dabangg

22. For all the babies out there.

23. Unbelievable!

24. Well thats creative

25. Isnt it innovative?



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Mlton wala add Hashmi Sorme wale ki line ,, M.A Jinnah Road par laga he,,
me isse bachpan se parhta aa raha hun... ek dafa mene apne Abbu se b pata kia tha ,,, k iska kia mtlab he..??haahahah
ye mere liye ek yadgaar photo he... thanks bhai for posting
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