2013 General Election did not meet constitutional obligations and facilitated fraudsters & deceivers

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2013 General Election did not meet constitutional obligations and facilitated fraudsters & deceivers. Election Commission of Pakistan miserably failed to implement rules and laws that were necessary to conduct a fair, just, impartial, honest and internationally acceptable electoral procedures and processes. The whole process was riddled with corrupt practices that benefited criminals, gangsters, embezzlers, crooks, dishonest and old evil hands in politics. If constitutional requirements were adhered to and strictly implemented, we would have not seen so many corrupt, crooks, embezzlers, criminals and debt defaulters ever allowed to participate in the elections and now sitting in the parliament. 2013 general election was held for the benefit of the criminals, gangsters and embezzling mafia and the corrupt politicians to flourish and prosper once again. It was tailor made for these thieves.

There is no denying the fact and it is now internationally acknowledged that Pakistan 2013 general election was the most notorious, manipulated, rigged and 75% of the ballot boxes were interfered, raped, abused and fiddled with by high officials, ROs' and candidates and people in influence. I have said from the day one that there were so many absurdities, irregularities and ill-practices observed by naked eyes, TV cameras, Video recordings, mobile cameras and eye witnesses that shocked the whole world except PML-N candidates who claimed victory long before the ballot papers were counted because results had already been decided before the ballot boxes were opened.

Mr Nawaz Shariff was elected on a deceived and fraudulent mandate. It is about time that the Supreme Court of Pakistan dethrone him from power and promulgate an order to dissolve the Parliament and Senate to save the country from civil anarchy and economic ruin.
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Read this report first before you deliver your expert analysis.



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This is another trap for IK. Report has been published after 16 months of election, with some misleading words such as unknown constituencies, unknown numbers, etc. It is made public for following reasons (my opinion):
1. to shift allegations from beneficiaries to the system (focusing on irregularities rather than rigging).
2. to mislead the investigations (if there are any) to wrong directions.
3. to borrow more time for investigation with such report (issues raised are systematic and it will take lots of time to identify the causes and numbers instead of doing an audit by recounting or thumb recognition).
4. ECP is trying to shift the allegations to lower end means more people should be investigated and not the key personal. It seems to be a dirty trick to save key personals of ECP.

Saladin A

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This parliament is bogus, this prime minister is bogus, PML-government is bogus and 2013 general election was bogus, rigged and riddled with corrupt practices from beginning to the end. Therefore, this PML-N government is unconstitutional and illegal; this parliament is unconstitutional and illegal, and the provincial assemblies are bogus. As long as long these corrupt, criminals, crooks, dishonest, lying and cheating politicians are living, there will never be a fair, just and honest general election held in Pakistan. Therefore, we must kick out, throw our and wipe out every corrupt politicians from the land of Pakistan.