20 Billion Youth Packages: how much is spent on overhead expenses?


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I see all these ads in different news paper. Also for different packages there would be a need to have bureaucratic set up to distribute these packages and then there would be different parties to inaugurate these projects.

It makes me wonder how much money is spent on overhead expenses? I think it if is more than 2-3% than Govt really needs to rethink their approach towards these packages.

PMLN Govt do need to go easy on ads campaign.

This program is started to bribe media, in coming months u will see more and more adds on these private tv channels. Government will also buy the time of favorite tv channels in higher prices........................ rest of money will be divided among loyalists.
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THEY are either constipated for GOOD ideas, or

this is another gimmick to bribe youth and at the same to line their own pockets.....