1947- Pakistan Great Day - Independence (Transfer of Power from British Viceroy )


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Mr.Muhammad Ali Jinnah was not a secular leader as projected by foriegn funded media of Pakistan.

Today is 14th August 2013 and Guns are being fired in the federal capital in honour of creation of homeland Called Pakistan.

After such bloody and turbulent event of 1947 followed by a war , today when some state that jinnah was secular it deserves some reply.

Some writers try to establish Mr.Jinnahs credentials as a thoroughly secular person and attack the objective resolution and its prime mover Shabbir Usmani alleging them to be diametrically opposed to idea of Jinnah about Pakistan .

Nothing could be far from truth , Jinnah wrote in his will that his funeral procession should be lead by Shabbir Usmani and that it should be in a manner like that that of ordinary Muslims . He did not approve his daughter marrying a Parsi and partly cut her off , though she was included in his hereditary will . Obviously Jinnah was not a bigot or indecent or ethnic cleanser or a mobster , yes he was opposed to population transfer as such was never formal part of Pakistan movement supported and voted by the masses of Muslims .

Pakistan movement has been misread and deliberately distorted by the school historians of India and Pakistan . Jinnahs struggle was to get political share for 33% Muslims of United India and his agenda has at various times till 1946 excluded nothing to improve Muslim lot politically including idea of Three unit within United India , Two Pakistans , One Pakistan as is now and so on and these have been well documented in relatively authoritative books as Stanley Wolperts book on Jinnah . Jinnahs emphasis on Political status of Indian Muslims were offcourse based on idea of it being a separate community despite its being of many races and languages and this in itself incorporates the two nation theory .

It must be remembered that Muslim leagues funding and Pakistan Movement engine was well greased by Jinnahs personal friends made during legal carrier involving cases of Nawabs and by masses in Central Indias Muslim provinces . He never included any senior politicians in his leadership cadre who was a fence sitters thus giving him power unparalleled in the Movement . Muslim league later on became well organized mass movement in what was later to become Pakistan . To say that since Jinnah accepted Cabinet Mission plan does not mean he did not stand for two nation theory . Jinnah being leader of all Muslims including those in central India had to give fair chance to all political ideas which were beneficial to all the Muslims of India Remember Jinnah was a a Pan Islamicist not narrow Nationalist .Cabinet plan included constitutional guarantees for Muslims of central representation and Muslim political domination in peripheries of India in what later became Pakistan and was therefore a Pakistan plan in less explosive and less divisive manner and not a negation of Pakistan . Congress was confident in its economic and miscreant power and rejected it but could not prevail later .

Jinnahs quoted speech in the article emphasizing non discrimination between Muslims and non Muslims was made in the context of indecent and beastly sectarian carnage of 1947 and were therefore not only healing words but it emphasized what is fundamental to Islam that personal conduct was crucial in the hereafter and not mob conduct , it did not mean he stood for a secular state but he did stand for a fair state taking care of its citizens . The Zimmi empire of Islam , last being Ottoman empire , was a state meant to disseminate superior ideas and beliefs of Islam whilst maintaining all rights of property , personal dignity and life for its non Muslim citizens . This was a time when slave making , loot , killing was the pursuit of the day in empire making in rest of the world.

It would seem very unrealistic and foolish to consider that Jinnah would retain name of his party Muslim league and stand for Non Muslim politics and secular objectives , that is tantamount to distorting and rewriting history . Jinnah was offcourse no Mullah . His emphasis on Quranic Islam rather than Sunni or Shia Islam was basis of Pakistan . Offcourse congress wanted to label him a Shia minority via Mullahs of other sects but that did not work as he owned no sect .

Had Jinnah been a secular leader he would not will Shabir Usmani to lead his funeral prayer , he would have renamed Muslim league , he would not have partly disowned his daughter for marrying a Parsi , he would have remained in Congress , he would not have asked for Pakistan and he would not have approved the flag of crescent of Pakistan which was a symbol of Muslim power of the both the Ottomans and even the Mughals .

To say that Jinnah was secular in later life is therefore incorrect and to say that he was a mad religious fanatic and ethnic cleanser as projected in India is also wrong . Jaswant Singhs book although meant not to reinstate Jinnah but to insinuate Congress in Indian in its complicity in division of India is also a form of partial correction of History in Bharat and Jaswant is back in BJP .

Neither Jinnah not even Gandhi was an ethnic cleanser , Jinnahs speech to constituent assembly and Gandhi recitations in 1947 were in an atmosphere of raging inter religious violence and were meant to be soothers to Muslims and Hindus respectively and a call to decent citizenry , they were no repudiation of their life long stands . i.e Jinnah of Islamic Pan Islamism and Gandhi of Indian Nationalism . Stanley Wolpert book clearly quotes proceedings of Muslim league before partition and its last day was always reserved for Pan Islamic issues and Muslim league via its resolution opposed creation of state of Israel .

Jinnah was a modern politician , Muslims were so educationally weak that there was no option except to retain British Civil servants , the Muslim was so economically weak that he was not happy with total exodus of business man class which was exclusively of Hindus and in fact expected some refugees to return in the opinion of Indian writer Khushwant Singh before India occupied Kashmir . People like Mandal who later quit Pakistan but were earlier aligned with Jinnah were expecting the Indian politics to take different turns . Mandals interest in league was if jinnah did not succeed in making separate Pakistan Mandal would still have the option of aligning lowcaste Hindus with Muslim Vote beginning a new type of politics within Unified India against Congress of Hingh castes mainly , and if he did succeed which Mandal which Mandal admitted he thought Jinnah would probably not , the residual 20% minority in Pakistan would still need political leadership like Mandal. Both events did not happen . Jinnah has a third headache, large sections of ruling British were not interested in separate Muslim state so a strategic way to convince them was to be found and not ally with Hindus Militarily . So liberal stance of Jinnah is wrongly construed now by later day experts as of secularism.

We all need some humanity and enlarging our scope of thought . We follow Islam , we propagate and preserve our Islamic values as we think it is superior to others . We cannot rate a superior and inferior thing equally and if we do it we shall be unfair with ourselves and civilization .

Finally , A ruling high caste Hindu of 50 years back will not eat along a Muslim fearful of being contaminated and a English would gladly write on Englands street ends , Dogs and coloured not allowed . What secularism would Jinnah stand for in that context one may ask , He actually did not !

If you read an article in "The News" by Mr.Khalique published today (14th August) you will understand that what this effort to correct history is all about . Some times back a similar article by Mr.Murshed a foreign office personality of the past on similar lines was published in the same paper. It was in response to later's article published sometimes back that I wrote the one above.

Just because Gandhi's political career in South Africa was partly funded by Muslim merchants there or that Jinnah wanted fair deal for minorities as well does not mean that Jinnah had a secular state in mind. Besides
as someone pointed out every Muslim has his own conscience to construct Pakistan. Jinnah was destined to raise the political and economic clout of 2/3 of Muslims of Subcontinent as ordained by Allah and he did that.

"The News" is firmly in control of such secular ideologues for quite some time now. it has been publishing articles from purely western and Indian version of History. Mr.Khalique its columnist is in the forefront of demolishing ideological islamic foundations of Pakistan and others too do not lag behind. The estranged stepbrother of Mir Khalil, Mir Jamil while alive and close to Musharaf group even wrote an article asking for unilateral recognition of Israel!.

The current hue and cry about "Geo" having one set of programmes allegedly receiving funds from Abroad and SC bench containing one judge with purported close family connection with Geo Owners taking on PEMRA roughly for making the allegations is not good news for Jang Publications or for Pakistan and even for judge of SC and CJ himself.

Jang should keep aloof of foreign funders if any


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Great day for Pakistan, but we haven't capitalized that opportunity until now. I wish and hope for a brighter future. Happy independence day to All.


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Great day for Pakistan, but we haven't capitalized that opportunity until now. I wish and hope for a brighter future. Happy independence day to All.

Mr Afridi, Pakistan is here to stay forever, i'm not sure about 'us the Pakistanis' though. As of today we the Jinnah's sons are a human disaster in making, if we don't pull our act together, we will be rendered into the dustbin of history, with someone else replacing us.


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Now please someone post here the video of 'TRANSFER OF POWER from PAKISTAN to U.S & U.S VICEROY (Ambassador to Pakistan)'.... :lol::lol::lol:[hilar][hilar][hilar]

U.K se AZADI le k U.S.A ki GHULAMI leni thee tau itna 'kashtt' kyun kiya????? :P

Our claims of independence, nuclear power, one of the largest army etc. are nothing more than joke if we keep electing leadership like NAWAZ /ZARDARI / ALTAF / FAZLOO / MUSHARRAF etc.

Pakistan & Pakistanis are joke, TILL DATE!