11th Hour 4th April 2016 - Discussion On Panama Leaks


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​Nothing will happen, it will remain on TV shows and print media only.
Don't forget we are a lawless country ,all our laws are for the poor people ,certainly not for the rich and particularly not for the rottenly rich ,don't even think about it .
Which judge /court is powerful or squeaky clean enough to stand up to them ?

A country where a sitting or ruling party can slaughter 15 innocent people and injured in hundreds ,including 8 months pregnant mother was shouted filth abuse by thugs in uniform then shot right in her mouth killing her instantly with a unborn life in her womb and nothing has happen.

Pakistani ordinary people are held hostages inside the border by Elite Mafia ,some escape to abroad to make life better . like me at the tender age of 16 was sent out to make living. have all materialistic needs at my disposal, but now I even can not vote to choose the kind of party or person to elect to raise , voice on my behalf the loved ones in side the country.
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