11th Hour - 31st May 2012 - PM Yousaf Raza Gilani


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اب اس کے منہ سے صرف ایک ہی بات سننی
ہے۔ وہ یہ کہ یہ گھر کب جا رہا ہے۔
اور کوئی بات سننے کیلئے پاکستا نی قوم تیار نہیں ہے اب۔


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What kind of answers are these, let me answer some of the questions in a honorable way that he answered in a very strange way.

1 about foreign citizen, previous govt. were dictatorial and did not want to apply the law' this govt should at least do the right thing and not go by anti constitution acts theose previously commited.

2. Law and order in karachi is final the responsibility of federal govt. by putting it on local govt's pm is passing the buck.

3. About weapons being brought from north as noted by lady anchor to which his answer was as Usual passing the buck

4. About interview to foreign tv telling that more than 30 percent Pakistani want to leave the country and he answered why don't they leave, was very insulting to Pakistan, and if they told him that Pakistan is a failed state, he could have taken this opportunity to tell them that Pakistan is fighting a war which has cost Pakistan close to a trillion dollars and the help it got is only 20 billions so right fully Pakistani people are suffering and feel betrayed. Pakistan is trying very hard to meet it obligations of war and the cost is unbearable making all commodities unreachable for common man, what our partners in war could do is not only to step forward and increase the Monterey help but also give business to us as compare to India and others who have not suffered as much as Pakistan has.

Al the answers were very anti Islam and against any thing honorable, a leader of a Muslim country should not answer this way.

About being the longest serving pm is not his achievement, credit goes to all other parties who in many wrong instances joined them to keep democracy going, the biggest credit goes to army as it ignored the very offensive letter written against army by mr. 10 percent. Army let it pass so that democracy can flourish.

What needs to be said is that all leaders present and future must adhere to Islamic rules as noted by constitution to supersede all laws which are against Islam, so this is the criteria if applying truthfull acts and fair practices.

I hope and pray that next bunch of leaders will adhere to these rules and will act in the manners of honesty, decency and fair play.
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What an idiot CrimeMinister of Pakistan, king of liar, king of hypocrates and King of Dakooooos, if I could I grab his nasty black balls, tied with rope and drag on the cities of Pakistan, so each and every citizen of Pakistan atleast spit on his disguisting ugly face.......son of a bit*tch.


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what a set up, these questions were known b4 hand answers prepared, his made an entry on ARY to counter sk rashid. Media tricks. Money is power, his looted so much, its coming out of his backside. (thumbsdown)(thumbsdown)

They fooling people again, status quo go to go........ wake up pakistan

The way his dealing with people on the phone , take her c.v., take her details etc... what a show. what about rest of 180 million. He thinks he is phorean right now. The money they are robbing he think s its his dads, dirty dog.

His got the cheek to plug his daughter, live on air(thumbsdown)(thumbsdown)

some of the calls were a set up aswell .............wake up pakistan :biggthumpup:
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lol i just watched him answer about dual citizen. wtf how did he become our pm ? a dumbass pendo