11th Hour - 10th July 2012 - Shah Mehmmod Qureshi & Imtiaz Safad Waraich - Dual Nationality & Contem

11th Hour

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Till china,pakistan,iran,russia,india and remote control president of kabul karzai dont get rid of usa in afghanistan no stability in pakistan and surrounding countries like mess going on every where in arab countries usa intrests specially in BALOCHISTAN and KPK very much dangerous stop loving dollars all politicians gernals beurocrates save pakistan pay taxes utilise it properly on broken roads all over education research every thing to rebuilding of infrastructure stop corruption stop target killing bomb blasts suicide blasts and finish arms guns factories rdx bomb material in tribal areas and give them jobs stop drones permanently stop nato by road air supply respect the precious blood of only who died defenders of country get rid of ppp -pml n -pml q-mqm-anp-jui and their leading most corrupt fake degree holders nro leaders and this party not so faar that pakistan will progress fast so any one sincere go a head doing YOUR best accordingly
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