10 PM With Nadia Mirza - 10PM To 11PM 27th March 2016 - Lahore Blast

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نادیہ مرزا کے باونسرز

کیا کسی نے آج نادیہ مرزا کا پروگرام دیکھا؟
زبردست دیکھنے والا پروگرام ہے شروع سے آخر تک
گھما گھما کے زوردار باونسرز مارے رانا ثنااللہ کو
وہاب ریاض کے شین واٹسن کو باونسرز یاد آ گئے




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We will keep on seeing tragedies if change of system does not take place. Only one way of governance will solve this terror problem and that is creation of smaller City Governments like 47,000 in China, all 3000 in Turkey and 20,000 in the USA. People in each union council of Pakistan will be more vigilant and responsible with local policing. Commissioners, DCs & SSPs do not exist in any modern democracy. This 1850s model is big hurdle which suites to family based political elite but deprives a common Pakistani from all angles. Elections in all over the world elect thousands of managers but in Pakistan it bring only one PM and four CMs. Change of system is required or innocent blood of poor will follow politicians who are hurdle for change in their graves. Inshallah.

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