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میرے لئے دعا کر دینا






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"Me darta warta kisi se nahi hoon" "me commando hoon".

Don't worry Dr. Qadeer, we all know the name and identity of the "Traitor" and many like him, you don't have to remind us about the traitors of Pakistan. Their faces are becoming clearer day by day.

You would always be in the prayers and thoughts of Pakistanis.

You shouldn't worry about Dr.Kalam, even if he is made the President, his own colleague say, the test was a failure.
You don't need to have title of the "President" of Pakistan for people of Pakistan to realise your contribution.

We have a thief Zardari on the chair of "President" of Pakistan at the moment, it is good you are not in the same category like him.
Your position is far higher in our thoughts and minds.
Allah SWT bless you, always.


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U make me cry. I hv no words for ur praise. How I can say thanks to u for doing such a great job which we can not see after decade. U r a real son of soil, I wish u live long n prosperity in ur life. May next generation learn from u n follow ur footprints. Allah Bless u. Aamin sum Aamin
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