1. The_Choice

    Removing Doubts Pertaining to "Shirk"

    Note: Asalamu'alaikum, I request the Admin to please make this a sticky post, as Shirk is the only sin that will not be forgiven by Allah and needs to be made plain. This subject matter is incredibly important. There are millions of Brothers and Sisters falling into subtle forms of Shirk on a...
  2. S

    London: Muslim & Sikh communities protect each other's worship places from rioters.

    An anti-riot group of Sikhs protected a Mosque whilst Muslims were praying. Both groups also united to protect a Gurdwara in Ilford .
  3. MileStone

    The Balance of Ubudiyyah (worship) - Ustadh Hassan Elwan - Must Watch

  4. Pakistani1947

    The Pre-Islamic Arabs believed in grave worship, intersession & still believed in Allah