1. D

    Dr Khan's view on PTI clea sweap and how to do it

    Its actually not very difficult to get a clean sweap in coming elections, a possible way explained by Dr. Khan from UK.
  2. Jams123

    Imran Khan: Popular Leader Can Already Sense Victory in Elections

    The Independent carries a profile of Imran Khan today, a succinct analysis of the man everyones talking about but no one seems really sure of. Khan tells the British paper that he can already sense victory in the next elections. Such hubris is almost comical, reminiscent of Charlie Sheen and his...
  3. Rathore

    MQM Victory in Kashmir Election 2011 celebrated throughout Pakistan

  4. News Watch

    News Watch - 20th July 2011 - Kashmir Election, Victory of MQM & Issue of American Citizens

  5. Geek

    Another Poll, Another landslide Victory by Imran - Insha Allah same percentage of voter will come to

    After the recent PEW Research, Newsweek Pakistan conducted this survey with 97,000 plus sample size to find out the Most Popular Leader in Pakistan. Imran Khan with 86% leading the results and no other leader has more than 6% popularity !
  6. K

    Afghanistan: Victory in defeat, analyze it to build our own openion ?

    By Eric Walberg Afghanistan: Victory in defeat There are many parallels between Vietnam and Afghanistan. The recent American mayors' resolution to "bring our war $$ home" and Obama's announcement that troops are now being withdrawn are fresh reminders, but the story they tell is grim...
  7. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat Hussain - 24th June 2011 - Freedom Flotilla----- Voyage of Victory

  8. adnan78692

    Great Victory.. Nice Column by Javed Chaoudhry

  9. B

    Pakistan Vs West Indies - Pakistan on the brink of another victory

    Pakistan 160 (Shafiq 40*) and 80 for 3 need another 139 runs to beat West Indies 226 and 152 (Chanderpaul 36*, Ajmal 6-42) Scorecard and ball-by-ball details Saeed Ajmal finished with 11 wickets in the match AFP Enlarge Related Links Players/Officials: Saeed Ajmal Matches: West Indies v...
  10. A Khokar

    US Hoisting Victory Flags over ruins

    US is Hoisting Victory Flags over ruins This may be accepted that owing to Bin Laden frail health that man was in need of his regular medical attention to clear his infected kidneys and he might have been allowed to live at a secluded location near a city like Abbotabad, where medical support...
  11. Awaaz

    Awaz with Kamran Shahid - 27th April 2011 - Ayaz Wazer & Gen Mirza Aslam Baig - Is Pak Victory In Af

  12. Lawangeen

    Sign of Victory and Americans are getting ready for their defeat in Afghanistan...

    Afghan Taliban to Open Office in Turkey The Turkish foreign minister has confirmed that preparations are underway for opening an office in Turkey for the Afghan Taliban. During a recent visit to Turkey, the president of Pakistan, together with his Turkish counterpart, made a commitment to...
  13. W

    Compete and defeat India in education, developing industries and mainly corruption

    We put our utmost efforts to beat & defeat India in “ Khail (Cricket)”, without understanding that this is simply a Khail Tamasha, which proves that we are Tamashbeen and not a real patriot. Being a wise nation, we have to compete and try to defeat India in the field like education, development...
  14. M

    Indian boys attack kashmiri girl's hostel while celebrating victory

    I recieved a news-"Last night when Indians won the match and were busy in celebrations, in the meanwhile the Hindu students of SKAUST-J attacked the Girls Hostel of SKAUST-J in RS Pora Jammu.There they abused Kashmiri muslim girls, severely exceedeing the limits, but the harrased gils didnt...
  15. News Beat

    News Beat - 29th March 2011 - Special Prayers For Pakistan Victory

  16. C

    Azizi Dancing & Celebrating Pakistan Victory against Australia

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