1. T

    Lets suppose there is Taliban's government, will you accept their rule and version of Sharia?

    faraz kijye kay ager Pakistan mein talibans ki hakoomat aa jaye to kya app usay kabool karay gay? Pure Shirat Law?
  2. mt_dilber

    Sade Mulk Di Bijli - Coke studio (Parody)

  3. karachiwala

    US version of Bin Laden case - more questions NO answers

  4. Geek

    Royal wedding (Pakistani Version)

    KARACHI: His Royal Highness Nawab Shahabuddin Mohammad Akbar the XXIII (popularly known as Prince Akbar) is all set to marry Sonya Usmani in what is marked to be the wedding of modern day Pakistan. As the country winces under inflation and instability, many are making discounts for a day thatll...
  5. Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain

    Ham Sab Umeed Se Hein - 23rd April 2011 - Introducing Shoaib Akhter 2 & New Version Of Song Ye Dosti