1. L

    Mullen sees very difficult time in US-Pakistan ties

    ’پاک امریکہ تعلقات بہت مشکل مرحلے میں‘ ایڈمرل مائیک مولن تیس ستمبر کو اپنے عہدے سے ریٹائر ہو رہے ہیں امریکی فوج کے چیئرمین جوائنٹ چیف آف سٹاف ایڈمرل مائیک مولن کا کہنا ہے کہ فوج کی سطح پر پاک امریکہ تعلقات بہت مشکل دوراہے پر کھڑے ہیں۔ریٹائرمنٹ سے پہلے واشنگٹن میں اپنی آخری اخباری کانفرنس سے...
  2. L

    General David Petraeus warns of deteriorating US-Pakistan relations

    US General David Petraeus admitted on Wednesday there was no option but to work on troubled relations with Pakistan, days after standing down from his job at the helm of coalition forces in Afghanistan. "This relationship is in a difficult stage," Petraeus said, blaming WikiLeaks revelations...
  3. simple_and_peacefull

    US-Pakistan security ties hit new low: report

    Pakistanis have pressured Washington to end its covert campaign of drone strikes in the country's tribal areas bordering Afghanistan and a US Special Operations training program for Pakistan's tribal defence force has largely ended. Photo by AP WASHINGTON: The US-Pakistan security...
  4. Geek

    In US-Pakistan relations stability means obedience: Chomsky

    LAHORE: Stability to the US means obedience. As long as Pakistan is obedient it will be considered a stable ally, said MIT professor emeritus Noam Chomsky on Wednesday. Chomsky said the moment Pakistan stopped cowing down to the US, the talks of nuclear threat and jihadi movements would start...
  5. canadian

    US-Pakistan marriage on the rocks?

    US-Pakistan marriage on the rocks? Eric S. Margolis (America Angle) 10 May 2011 Americans are raging at ally Pakistan over the discovery of Osama bin Ladens lair in Abbottabad, smack under the nose of the military. Furious US government officials and legislators accuse Pakistan of duplicity...
  6. D

    US-Pakistan relationship increasingly strained - DAWN

    ISLAMABAD: A rare condemnation by the Pakistan army chief of an especially deadly US drone attack and Washingtons abrupt dismissal of his concern is a sign of how troubled the strategically vital relationship between the two countries has become. The public spat, which followed the...

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