1. D

    Usman and Zainab are Our real heroes- Actually Working For the Betterment of Pakistan

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  2. Keepinformed

    New Singer Usman Malik...absolutely brilliant song!

    I was passed on this link through facebook. This song seems to be very catchy. I am happy that Pakistan is producing such a great talent. We should fully support talent. Enjoy guys...
  3. mohib

    India block Pakistan-born Usman Khawajas visa

    SYDNEY - Pakistan-born Australian batsman Usman Khawaja on Tuesday said he was being refused a visa into India for next month's Champions League Twenty20 tournament because of his country of birth. Khawaja vented his anger on social media site Twitter, saying India's visa department "need to...
  4. Khari Baat

    Khari Baat - 31st May 2011 - Azma Bukhari, Dr Usman Ayub & Samina Khawer Hayat - Incapabilities Of G

  5. karachiwala

    Stories of Prophets (A.S) & Sahaba (R.A)

  6. T

    Kashmir be hoga aur daikhna Pakistan be hoga... Inshallah