united states

  1. M Ali Khan

    India Struggles With Its Strategy to Becoming a Great Power

    By Sarang Shidore Senior Global Analyst, Stratfor Highlights India's grand strategy has evolved significantly since independence more than 70 years ago, but the country has had mixed success in achieving its objectives. The rise of China and a dangerous impasse with Pakistan pose new...
  2. R

    As A Pakistani, Why I Support Donald Trump

    Being a Pakistani-American, Haider Rifaat discussed why he supports Donald Trump on certain issues such as border security and anti-abortion laws. WATCH the full episode here:
  3. KhanHaripur

    Pakistan Can Live Without United States

    It is time to blow the myth of Pakistani dependence on United States, economically and militarily. DR. SHIREEN M. MAZARI | Sunday | 13 March 2011 | Banned Column WWW.PAKNATIONALISTS.COM ISLAMABAD, PakistanZ. A. Bhutto wrote The Myth of Independence in the late sixties and it shaped my...

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