1. M Ali Khan

    Tunisian military court sentences blogger for "defaming army" on Facebook - take note Pakistan!

    Tunisia: Blogger Convicted by Military Court 3 Years in Jail for Facebook Posts JANUARY 6, 2015 (Tunis) – A Tunisian blogger has been imprisoned after the Tunis military court sentenced him to a three-year term for “defaming the army” and “insulting military high command” through Facebook...
  2. M Ali Khan

    Egypt's Tunisian future

    http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/139872/michael-j-koplow/first-they-came-for-the-islamists?cid=soc-facebook-in-snapshots-first_they_came_for_the_islamists-082813 First They Came for the Islamists...
  3. ealtaf

    Turkish PM to visit Egypt, Tunisia, Libya

    Recep Tayyip Erdogan will start his tour of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya from September 12. Turkey s prime minister will visit Egypt, Tunisia and Libya next week to vouch support for the three Arab countries where popular uprisings have ousted autocratic leaders, his office said Wednesday. Recep...
  4. atensari

    Iran will not allow 'illegal' opposition rally in support of Arab uprisings

  5. Raaz

    I salute people of tunisia. O' miserable pakistanis, egyptions, and jordanians wake up!

    Tunisia's president has stepped down after 23 years in power amid unprecedented protests on the streets of the capital Tunis. Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi said he would be taking over from President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. A state of emergency has been declared amid protests over...