1. P

    بھتہ مافیا دھمکیاں دے رہا ہے، کرکٹر شرجیل 

  2. A

    my threads being copied from .what is this ??does this happen to you as well.

    a couple days back i posted a thread named "what is veena doing in India?" which remained at top for many days .here is the link same day i went to saw some shows on...
  3. M

    A question to all members? Why all threads against Iran get closed?

    :13::13::13::13::13: I am observing from many days that there is war between Saudi Arabia and Iran lovers in this forum. But the most interesting thing which I noticed is that All threads against Iran are closed specially when Iranian supporters have no answer but always there is one active...
  4. digitalzygot

    Request to ban all threads related to MQM and people supporting MQM

    It's evident that MQM is a terrorist organisation (shocked to read JIT details, these people have no regard for human life, they killed people like they were not humans), people repeatedly come and support them. This website is for people to express their views about different things/political...
  5. harisuae

    How to make threads favourite on

    I have request to moderators to include "favourite" option in your website, so we can save any thread or post for future reference.