1. Muhammad Ilyas Khan

    The ideology of thought control

    "Pakistans skewed priorities may account for the huge amount spent on its ever increasing defence needs and only 1.5 per cent of its GDP on education. But lost in the brouhaha over the lack of access to education is the dire need to revise the dogmatic and distorted school curriculum. As the...
  2. baloch

    Is Balochistan not part of Pakistan? Do you ever hear anything about it in the News? Have you ever t

    I am an overseas Pakistani, originally belong to the province of Balochistan. I watch all the TV channels and look forward to hear the news about my country, province and people but unfortunately I never do. The only news I hear about Balochistan is from my relatives living there, when speaking...
  3. student

    Interesting and Thought provoking photos from facebook

  4. D

    A thought provoking column about pakistani establishments slavery to america

  5. canadian

    Food For Thought !!

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT !! The Muslims aren't happy! They're not happy in Gaza. They're not happy in Egypt. They're not happy in Libya. They're not happy in Morocco. They're not happy in Iran. They're not happy in Iraq. They're not happy in Yemen. They're not happy in Afghanistan. They're not happy...
  6. canadian

    Islam Aur Musalmaan.......A thought provoking article !!!

    Islam Aur Musalman by Qazi Hussain Ahmed
  7. fahid_asif

    Why Is Twitter Hating Imran Khan today? Its more interesting than you thought.

    Posted by Media Watch on Jun 3rd, 2011 If you search Imran Khan on social media today, you will find a surprising result. Twitter hates Imran Khan today. For every message supporting his dharna there are roughly a dozen which mock him, call him a taliban supporter or a selfish...
  8. B

    Sun Powered high Speed rail system in Europe - Food for thought for Bilor (railway minister)
  9. S

    Some threatening & thought provoking facts about Zakir Naik

    Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum, Please read carefully and objectively. If you have any questions, ask here
  10. PkRevolution

    Mr Zardari had thought about suicide !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr Zardari had thought about suicide !!!!!!!!!!!! Mentaly ill President of Pakistan * Stephen Reich, a psychiatrist from New York State, said Mr Zardari was unable to recall the birthdays of his wife and children and had thought about suicide. Mr Zardari, co-chair of the Pakistan...
  11. Malik495

    Ghareeb beemar aadmi (A thought provoking performance from Moin Akhtar)

    I have seen this video and couldnt stop my tears..please watch the whole video and think what moin akhter has portrayed as a poor man .. one of the best performance of moin akhter... plz note this is not a usual comedy program of lose will become sad after this...
  12. S

    A very thought Provoking Poem after Ramond Davis Release, Do not miss it!!! Soul touching Poem!!!

    Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum, After the continuous betrayal of Army (High Rank Officers), Judiciary, Politicians and Government. Here is a thought provoking poem.