1. M

    Constable refuses to register theft, says he can't start day on bad note...Shining India's lighter s

    Alright's a story for the glowing legal system in Shining India ...these are for all those die hard indians fans of mine ..who rant my hatred for India ...Where nothing could be further from the truth as India is OUR country ...we cant hate it we ruled over it for a Thousand years and we...
  2. jhootaylog

    Geo News training for vehicle theft

  3. fahid_asif

    PML- N legislators accused of electricity theft - Punjab k Frishtay

  4. Skeptic

    Punjab Police new tactics and measures against car theft

  5. L

    American charged with Dubai handcuff theft jailed,kiya ye Pakistan mein ho sakta hai? By AP DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) A Dubai court has slapped a one-month jail sentence on an American man on charges that he stole a pair of police handcuffs. A judge in the...
  6. Night_Hawk

    Caution: Protect yourself from Cyber theft and Cyber Crimes

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