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    Huawei’s Hongmeng Operating System Is GoingTo Be 60 Times Faster Than Android

    Ever since President Donald Trump wanted to wall off Huawei, the Chinese company has hit back quite strongly. Recently, Huawei revealed that the work is in progress for the new operating system which is known as Hongmeng. Moreover, it is tipped to be 60 times faster than Android which is some...
  2. A

    WhatsApp bring new features including dark mode, fingerprint authentication

    WhatsApp has started testing a couple of new exiting features, including dark mode, consecutive voice messages, picture-in-picture background play and fingerprint authentication for android devices. The features are likely to function soon, however the dark mode is finally visible in the...
  3. A

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls for internet regulation

    سان فرانسسکو : فیس بک نے سانحہ کرائسٹ چرچ کے بعد سخت اقدامات اٹھاتے ہوئے اپنی لائیو ویڈیو اسٹریمنگ کے قوانین سخت کرنے کا فیصلہ کر لیا۔ اے ایف پی کی رپورٹ کے مطابق چیف آپریٹنگ افسر شیرل سینڈ برگ نے ایک آن لائن پوسٹ میں کہا کہ مختلف افراد کا سوال بجا تھا کہ کس طرح فیس بک جیسے آن لائن پلیٹ فارمز کو...
  4. N

    Hackers Stole Tesla Car

    Hackers Stole Tesla car.
  5. S

    Reality of Dark Web which is a source of huge income for some influentials

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  6. W

    Pakistan has world’s smallest tactical Nuclear Technology

  7. H

    Scientists Store Moving Pictures Inside a Living Organism’s DNA

    The promise of utilizing DNA as storage means you may possibly save every photograph you’ve ever taken, your complete songs and audio books library, and all 236 episodes of Friends in a tiny molecule invisible to the naked eye—with plenty of room still to spare. However what if you might be...
  8. RiazHaq

    Afiniti and Careem: Tech Unicorns Made in Pakistan

    Afiniti and Careem are two technology unicorns engineered in Pakistan by Pakistanis. AI (artificial intelligence) startup Afiniti software has largely been engineered in Lahore while taxi hailing service Careem's technology has mostly been developed in Karachi. Here's more about these unicorns...
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    Archaeopteryx | Plane with no engine

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    Plastic Roads made by recycled plastic

  11. H

    New Snake-like Robot Janitors For Undersea Maintenance

    Made by a Norwegian company called Eelume
  12. H

    Coolest Gadgets of 2016 Part 1

    Coolest Gadgets of 2016 Part 1 by gadgets July 25, 2016 We keep scouring the internet, reading up on the latest reviews and even visit many shows including the famous Consumer Electronics Show (more commonly known as the CES) at Las Vegas where we met tons of brand new...
  13. H

    U.S. Dept. of Defence Testing Genetically Engineered Spider Silk for Body Armor

    U.S. Military Testing Genetically Engineered Spider Silk for Body Armor Inserting spider's DNA into silkworms yields a tough fabric that has the strength of a spider’s silk but the production speed of a silkworm. Spider silk is considered one of nature’s toughest substances, comparable in...
  14. H

    Serious Flaw Discovered in the OS used by Over a Billion Devices

    There’s a simple vulnerability inside an extensively used operating system, although not one that most would be aware of, known as VxWorks. It happens to be the same software program used to control components of NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover and lots of critical infrastructure systems, while...
  15. Matie Khan

    10 Awesome Technological Devices To Be Revealed In Next Year 2016

    رواں سال کے آخر تک سامنے آنے والی 10 زبردست ٹیکنالوجی ڈیوائسز سال ختم ہونے میں اب ساڑھے چار ماہ کا عرصہ ہی رہ گیا ہے اور یہ وہ وقت ہے جب معروف کمپنیوں کی جانب سے نت نئی ٹیکنالوجی مصنوعات کو متعارف کرایا جاتا ہے۔ اگرچہ ایپل، سام سنگ اور گوگل وغیرہ کی جانب سے عوامی سطح پر اپنی نئی مصنوعات کے...
  16. Muslimonly

    Islam and science The road to renewal Islam and science The road to renewal After centuries of stagnation science is making a comeback in the Islamic world THE sleep has been long and deep. In...
  17. Unicorn

    Congrautations to all Pakistanis for INVENTING GROUND breaking technology

    On today's Shahid Nama program Mr. Oria Jan announced that Pakistan has the technology that will enable a third party to listen the conversation between people if you place your phone on the table. If you have just arrived home and placed your cell on the table and are talking to your kids on...
  18. SaadKnight

    Aamreekan Technology Failed against Taliban's Traditional Style of War

  19. swing

    Recommendation to Close Ministry of Science and Technology of Pakistan

    Recomendation to Close Ministry of Science and Technology The monitoring and implementation committee of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has asked government to close Ministry of Science and Technology, terming it as useless.Committee went of the view that Ministry of Science and...