1. itsnotme90

    I cant stop crying ( Allah Mujhay help karnay ki taufeeq day )

    A woman had to leave her child under the tree to save her other children life coz she couldnt carry him anymore coz they had no water left to walk to Kenya & she think he will be alive & then she cried. I will request all muslims to plz donate something for these poor children. This is the...
  2. TheYouth

    Why have they picked Taufeeq Umar over Yasir Hameed???

    Can somebody please explain why Taufeeq Umar was picked over Yasir Hameed for the upcoming WI Tour for the T20 & ODIs??? Also, why was Fawad Alam totally overlooked!?! I hope PCB doesn't waste Alam's talent like they did with the great Razzaq! Yasir Hameed 36.87 Avg 66.95 Strike Rate...