1. F

    President Barack Obama Announces his Support for Hillary Clinton

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  2. ali-raj

    A Disgruntled PTI Supporter From Karachi - A Revelation

    The Girl who wrote this blog, is pretty much on the spot. Being a Punjabi Living in Karachi, I endorse what she is saying in here. In addition, PTI alienated those urdu speakers, who were against MQM and supported PTI, but due to negligence, they casted their vote in favor of MQM. My Response...
  3. S

    Support the ''Muhammad ﷺ A Mercy to Mankind''-campaign Support the ''Muhammad ﷺ A Mercy to Mankind''-campaign There are many who wish to do something for the Prophet ﷺ after the movie "Innocence of Muslims" was released and the recent printing of caricature drawings...
  4. A

    Urdu speaking sindhi,s should support zardari unconditional

    Urdu speaking sindhi,s must support asif ali zardari unconditional,as you know every one under hand is supporting him either nawaz,wali,fazal,imran,manawwar or shujaat so why not these urdu speaking people they are more close to him,nawaz is happy for punjab govt& unchecked access to london...
  5. abbasiali

    Friends Indeed: Request your support for Fund Raising Dinner in order to bring an MRI Machine to the

  6. E

    Time to Reveal Truth, Well Done MQM - MQM vows all out support to Supreme Court

    Suo motto: MQM vows all-out support to SC ISLAMABAD: MQM has said it would fully assist Supreme Court with regards to suo motto notice of Karachi carnage. Speaking to the media in Islamabad, MQM leader Farooq Sattar said he along with Haider Abbas Rizvi met Supreme Court...
  7. J

    How many of you changed political support recently??

    Slam Dear members....I am going to start a new thread in which you people need to tell which party you were supporting before which party you support now and which party you gonna vote in next electrion.. In simple I want to know how many people are sincere about Pakistan whether they want...
  8. lafatah

    How many Karachiites here support MQM

    No finger pointing and no accusation. We all know what is happening and have our opinions about it. Well I am a 28yo from Karachi and if someone wants to categorize me they can call me "Urdu Speaking" and I dont support the MQM. I will never vote for them. Most of my friends (70%) are of the...
  9. Nawazish

    Imran Khan's Support and Wikileaks about Him (I need your response who are against him)

    Let's have a debate. I will answer any questions or anything that you don't like about him. Let's have a debate. It all must be logical.
  10. gazoomartian

    US contacts Shaikh, assures of economic support- Dawn Report

    Gazoo Notes: Seems like US is now coming into its senses. they realize they have goofed by blocking the Army payments for providing them assistance. they know if the want to get out alive by 2014 they must make mends with Pakistan. WASHINGTON: The United States made a reconciliatory gesture...
  11. haqiqat

    MQM your bad days have started this guy will screw u very soon lets support this guy

  12. Bilal_Mushi

    PML-N not to support MQM on commissionerate system issue

    PML-N not to support MQM on commissionerate system issue...
  13. Geek

    Support your military in its finest hour

    Commentary: Support your military in its finest hour[/B] Umar Waqar Of late, the Pakistan Army has been receiving deleterious flak of criticism from friends and foes alike. I will not go into details as this charade of criticism is so loud, painful and unending that it appears there is...
  14. E

    Pakistani Taliban announce support for Ayman Al-Zawahiri as new Al-Qaeda chief

    Pakistans Taliban backs Zawahri as al Qaeda chief Reuters (1 hour ago) Today In this file image from television transmitted by the arab news channel Al-Jazeera on Monday Jan. 30, 2006, Al-Qaida's then deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri gestures while addressing the camera. -AP Photo DERA...
  15. News Watch

    News Watch - 6th June 2011 - Suicide Attack in Noshera, Benazir Income Support Program & PPP Plannin

  16. J

    Baba Ramdev's satyagrah gathers support

    Back-channel talks are on between the government and Baba Ramdev to resolve the stand-off in the wake of his going ahead with indefinite hunger strike on corruption and other issues. Read full story ...
  17. C

    Why should we support Army..

  18. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Nation must Support Nawaz Shairf - Javed Hashmi's
  19. gazoomartian

    Nawaz ready to support anti-govt movement

    Gazoo Notes: Nawaz bhaai, why wait for people. You start on street and people will follow you. I suggest you do long march with the PTI an see the magic. Go ahead and hurry up. I am just dying to see PPP overthrown. Quite a crowd at the Aiwan-e-Iqbal. LAHORE: PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif...
  20. Ammad Hafeez

    PTI Justifying Suicide attacks and attack on Naval Base (Must Watch)

    Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI Senior Vice President following the policy of Imran Khan to support Taliban and extremist organizations Justifying Suicide attacks and attack on Naval Base in Karachi in GEO News Program Likin arguing with Sana Baucha. Leader of PTI linking suicide attacks with Drone...