1. S

    MV Suez: Released sailors return after 11 months - PNS Zulfi'qar reached Karachi - Congratulation to

  2. Geek

    MV Suez crew shifted; ship sinking KARACHI: The crew of crisis-hit MV Suez ship has been shifted to PNS Babur after Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Noman Bashir ordered the arrangements to save lives. According to the sources, the freed ship was sinking due to rough weather, Geo...
  3. R

    Indian media comes up with a new story against Pakistan on MV Suez, to cover their navy's pathetic r

    Well the unsinkable Indian media in order to cover their humiliating role on MV Suez and their zero effort of saving their Indian citizens, have come up with a new story against Pakistan, instead of being thankful to its citizens who actually paid ransom and sent its frigate for its protection...
  4. pakiace

    Indian navy ditches mv suez, pakistan comes to rescue yet once again!

    Cargo ship MV Suez, which was recently released by pirates, was attacked again this morning, and when it contacted the Indian Navy for help, their request was turned down, the ships captain told Four Somali pirates got on to the ship early morning and started firing at us," said...
  5. A Khokar

    The Day Arabs Ditched their Sword in Suez Canal

    In our next neighbours in the Middle East and North Africa; the entire region is set ablaze. The Arab world is seen awakening to set them freed of their aging tyrants Monarchs and the autocrat rulers. The sceptical believe and still consider it, as some conspiracy theory is unwinding to...