1. canadian

    Khadim-e-aala punjab - Some Stats

    KHADIM-E-AALA PUNJAB: Rai Wind ka Residence: Area 25000 Canal 11 Sugar Mills 15 Industrial Estates of just Rs.2900 Millions Ex-Pakistan Property: London/UK 20 Flats, Approximate value of Rs.30 Billions. Steel Mill & Residences in Saudi Arabia, Istanbul, and Dubai & Spain: Cost 1.30 Billion USD...
  2. H

    Traffic Stats of Pakistani Newspaper Websites

    Daily Visitors: Number of visitors hit a website in a day (not unique) Unique Visitors in a Month: Unique visits, if someone visits a site 50 times in a month, will be counted as one unique visitor. Monthly page views: These are total page views in a month (not unique) No further delay, here...
  3. C

    Terrorism Stats in Pakistan- Kaya Ye Hamari Apni Jung Hai ?