1. L

    US failed to produce diplomatic papers of 40 (BlackWater) Agents working in Pakistan as Embassy Staf

  2. L

    Pakistani Embassy in United States issued 67 visas to CIA Agents / Pakistan imposed restrictions on

    Pakistani Embassy in United States issued 87 visas to CIA Agents / Pakistan imposed restrictions on US embassy staff movement Washington: Deputy Spokesman of the State Department has said that no movement was being launched in US against Pakistani institutions.While briefing the media persons...
  3. gazoomartian

    Embassy issues 67 visas for CIA staff

    Gazoo Notes: some people still think that CIA operatives can be trusted. We should embrace for more Raymond Davis style murders of our citizens. I wonder Zardari has made $67million to approves 67 visas. al aman al hafeez(cry) WASHINGTON, June 22: The Pakistan Embassy here has issued 67...
  4. A Khokar

    Several Staff members broke faith at Mehran Naval base

    'Koi Aour to naheen hay Pas e khanjar Azmaie' It is a chilling developing story of Meharan Naval base and the armed personals of this base giving a great set back to the entire nation and the image of its Armed Forces. This story starts when General Ziaul Haque during his tenure used...
  5. maksyed

    Red Alert : U.S. Withdraws All Pakistan Embassy Staff (Prepare for War)

    By willpwilson As being reported in the Foreign Press and on the Alternative News Media on-line, (and not by their main stream corporate media groups) that the U.S. has now withdrawn all of their Embassy Staff, and closed down all Embassies in the country of Pakistan. CURRENT...
  6. Reporter

    Reporter - 27th April 2011 - Syed Talat Hussain - Journalists Tortured By Bank Staff