1. Matie Khan

    Pakistan historical victories after independence

  2. A

    Cricket Fixes : Cricket is a Deceptive Sport

    Cricket Fixes : Cricket is a Deceptive Sport(clap) -DR. ABDUL RUFF --------------- [Mutual praises are necessary to make all fabricated records in cricket look real. It has been Indian practice to get some pro-India cricketers from other counties to make pro-India statements...
  3. ahmadalikhan

    This is not just a sport, Cricket unites the whole nation - An article

    Cricket united whole Nation
  4. B

    Take it as a sport not a matter of country's pride!!!!

    Everyone is getting crazy about the India vs Pakistan cricket semi-final. Please take it as a sport. Pakistan is always a great country compare to India beside this fact that we have No. 1 corrupt politicians :alhamd: in the World. On paper, India is ahead but on field, Pakistan is ahead. But as...

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