1. crankthskunk

    A Question from the forum MEMBERS, specially MQM supporters

    The perception is with some justifications that many political parties and also Sunni Tahreek and Amman Committee are involved in the illegal activities in Karachi, including bhatta collection, abductions, target killings etc. Yes, the indications are that recently others have adopted the...
  2. maldiaal

    Imran khan's message to all pakistanis (youth specially)

    Please get ur vote registered urgently until 30th Septemeber and spread this message to all of ur friends n family.
  3. H

    Ufone Ka Pakistan An Awesomely Developed Portal About Pakistan. a must visit site specially for eve

    This independence day Ufone has taken much appreciated step by launching a portal about Pakistan. Well if you havent seen this yet, my suggestion is to give it a thorough visit and surely at the end you will end up saying, Well Done Ufone! UfoneKaPakistan.com.pk is all about Pakistan and...
  4. S

    London: Muslim & Sikh communities protect each other's worship places from rioters.

    An anti-riot group of Sikhs protected a Mosque whilst Muslims were praying. Both groups also united to protect a Gurdwara in Ilford .
  5. hroonj2k3

    Unfairness of Media Specially Newspapers to PTI Imran Khan

    How come I see Imran Khan news always at the back of the Newspaper pages and also very less highlighted and some time at front pages which are hardly noticeable and in comparison The MQM, PMLN and PPP they get the smallest news at the top of the page even person with wearing glasses don't need...
  6. zardarifan

    Why PPP will be re-elect in 2013 - Dedicated to my special friends specially PTI

    ;)Why PPP will be re-elected in 2013 Adnan Khalid Rasool 2 hours ago For some reason, every four to five months, Pakistans politicians and media start talking about elections. Although everyone says they hope the government will complete its five year term, this does not stop them...
  7. H

    This thread is dedicated to Pakistanis in general and PTI followers "SPECIALLY"

  8. D

    Anti government Pakistani media. Why most of the news channels specially jeo running anti government

    First of all, I should mention here that I am not a PPP supporter. Am simply a professional who have some concern about current negative role of our media specially against democratic government. It's very sad to watch that majority of anchor, sparing few like Talat Hussain, seems to have a...
  9. M

    Specially for those who are frequent users of COPY + PASTE

    Specially for those who are frequent users of COPY + PASTE A well-known motivational speaker gathering the entire crowd's attention, Said, "The best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman who Wasn't my wife!" The crowd was shocked!!!!!!!! He followed up by saying...
  10. S

    Buland Himmaty (Determination, Resoluteness)!!! Never, Never, Never misss it!!! Specially for studen

    Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum,