1. Matie Khan

    You wont believe but these lawmakers can really sing

  2. Matie Khan

    Aisi Zameen aur Aasman ... " - CM sings Milli Naghma along with his granddaughters

  3. canadian

    Anita Lerche From Denmark Sings Heer In Punjabi !!!

    Not the best rendition of Waris Shahs Heer that I have ever heard. But one of the most captivating nonetheless!
  4. chitra

    Manal al-Sharif: The caged bird also sings

    Manal al-Sharif: The caged bird also sings Maheen Usmani Manal al-Sharif is a brilliant, sophisticated woman asking for something that should have been a given: driving her own car. It is not a revolution, it is not a plot, it is not a gathering and it is not a protest we are only...
  5. B

    Hadiqa Kiyani sings chinese song

    Do you feel any intimacy,like me, in this song to the Chinese?