1. fahid_asif

    Naseerullah Babars family set to join PTI

    Daily The News Wednesday, September 07, 2011� NOWSHERA: Following successful talks with the leadership of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), the family of the late Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader and former interior minister Major General (R) Naseerullah Babar has decided to join the...
  2. Bilal_Mushi

    Breaking News : Army set to review Mirzas statement after Eid

    Army set to review Mirzas statement after Eid...
  3. P

    Libya set up by NATO Fake Libyan Rebels exposed
  4. WatanDost

    Justice of America, Abu Gharib Culprit Set free.

    This is so called Justice of Fu.cking America. I used to say and believe so that Human Rights are not for Muslims even for Animals they have human rights but in case you are Muslim you deserve to be tortured or to be killed but no Rights. Dr. Aafia is a Prime Example. But this American Dog who...
  5. SaadKnight

    US has its eyes set on Balochistan's Gold Deposites

  6. A

    Reema Khans Love Mein Ghum All Set To Release

    is it true that reema film love mein ghum will relase on eiD?? can any one tell?? i have read this on this webiste
  7. billo786

    150k flying car set for UK skies

    The age-old dream of owning a car that flies has just got closer to reality for the average driver. The Terrafugia Transition is set to become the world's first flying production car - and it's soaring towards the UK. The Transition has been declared road legal by the NHTSA in the US, paving the...
  8. fahid_asif

    General council meeting on 27th: Nawaz set to become PML-N

    2700 lakeer k fakeer.......................
  9. IndiaGuy

    Pakistani movie Bol set for Eid release in India

    Pakistani film Bol, starring singer-actor Atif Aslam, is set to release in India on Eid, Aug 31. Directed by Shoaib Mansoor of Khuda Kay Liye fame, Bol is a social drama which aims at highlighting the plight of women who are treated as a burden to a family in most parts of the society. It is...
  10. Fursan

    Spirit of Swat: British skydivers set free fall world record

    SWAT: The Spirit of Swat festival, which is currently taking place under the aegis of the Pakistan Army presented a colourful and energetic event on Saturday, which included several thrilling activities.
  11. E

    Stage set for mass resignation from assemblies? What do you think?

  12. J

    MQM Set Camps::Emergency Due To Expected Heavy Rains & Cyclone In Arabian Sea سمندری طوفان

  13. haqiqat

    The Stage Is Set For a Nuclear False Flag in US

  14. D

    Police set new record of brutality, cold-blooded mass murder Umar Cheema Wednesday, May 18, 2011 Police set new record of brutality, cold-blooded mass murder ISLAMABAD: Police brutality touched a new height in Pakistan as an inspector in Sheikhupura District settled his...
  15. A

    kya terrorism sirf MUSLIMS or ISLAMIC MIND SET ka nam hai ????

    i am member of SIASAT.PK from last year i think and always prefer to visit this site whenever i have time .. i havent seen any thread about this incident and it happened this week, my point today is anybody noticed there was a bomb threat near ROYAL PALACE LONDON and police found suspicious bad...
  16. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Mind Set - by Nazir Naji
  17. simple_and_peacefull

    New LBW world record set

    Source of news : Dunyia news web A new world record of leg before wicket was created in the Guyana Test on Sunday. A total number of 20 batsmen were dismissed LBW in the first Test match between Pakistan and West Indies. Both the countries also shared the previous record when 17 batsmen...
  18. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Giant asteroid set to narrowly miss Earth - Yahoo News

    Giant asteroid set to narrowly miss Earth May 06, 2011 at 09:53 Views (24765) | | 47 | | | ShareShare retweet Like By Orlando Parfitt, Yahoo! A giant asteroid will only just miss earth later this year, according to NASA. The huge rock, dubbed YU55, will pass within...
  19. canadian

    Protecting the elite: Special Force being set up for VIP security !!!

    Protecting the elite: Special Force being set up for VIP security By Anwer Sumra Published: April 30, 2011 Elite Force to return to its counter terrorism mission. PHOTO: AFP/FILE LAHORE: The Punjab government intends to establish a Special Protection Force (SPF) for the security of very...
  20. simple_and_peacefull

    Punjab all set for new power generation dept

    source link : the express tribune dated : 30/4/11 LAHORE: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Friday announced his governments decision to set up a new department to take up power generation projects in the province. Shahbaz said a separate department was needed following the Council of...