1. Bilal_Mushi

    Breaking news : Blast near supreme court session in Karachi

    Per Dunya news @ 10:20 a.m................. details to follow. Police sources says that it is just a tire bust. I guess Dunya Tv wanted to take lead and interrupted the normal transmission with breaking news without verification. Watch live...
  2. In Session

    In Session - 21st August 2011 - Imran Khan and Hameed Gul.

  3. In Session

    In Session 20th August 2011 - Haroon Rasheed, Shazia Murree, Nazir Laghari

  4. PkRevolution

    Facebook campaign to attack Parliament in Islamabad during session!!!!!!!!!!

    Urgently required Facebook campaign professionals Our aim is to collect millions and millions of Pakistanis to attack parliament in Islamabad during session. Corrupt politicians will get their punishment by our justice. We can't see anymore these bastereds looting our country. Politicians...
  5. In Session

    In Session - 13th August 2011 - Jamal Shah, Jawad Ahmed, Fazeela Qaisar - How do we make Pakistan be

  6. In Session

    In Session 6th August 2011 - Imran Khan - Special Programe From Sit In

  7. In Session

    In Session - 5th August 2011 - Haroon Rasheed & Shazia Maree

  8. WatanDost

    TOOPI DRAMA or PHOTO SESSION? - 13 People died on the day of PEACE RALLY

    13 People died on the day of PEACE RALLY YEAH MUNIFIQAT ki INTHEHA hai Kia Doono nahi janti kai QAATIL koon hain. TUM QATAL KARO HO KAI KAMAL KARO HO?
  9. In Session

    In Session - 24th July 2011 - Zaid Hamid, Hasan Nisar - We are Everything----Are We Pakistani too??

  10. In Session

    In Session - 23rd July 2011 - Sahikh Rasheed & Hameed Gul - Establishment of 3rd big Party - Opposit

  11. In Session

    In Session - 22nd July 2011 - Muala Bux Chandio & Khwaja Sohail Mansoor - Karachi in the Shadow of D

  12. In Session

    In Session - 10th July 2011 - Kamil Ali Agha, Shaikh Rohail Asghar & Shehla Raza - Grand Alliance...

  13. In Session

    In session - 2nd July 2011 - Faisal Raza Abidi & Fareed Paracha - Political Situation---Who Will Get

  14. In Session

    In Session - 25th June 2011 - Haroon Rasheed & Hanif Abbasi - Pakistani Political Movie Trailer, Now

  15. In Session

    In session - 24th June 2011 - Mushahidullah Khan - Zardari's Speech-----Ethics In Our Politics??

  16. Geek

    Video of Parliament's in-camera session reaches US diplomats?

    ISLAMABAD: Information pertaining to the handing over of a CD, containing a full video recording of the in-camera joint sitting of parliament held to discuss the Abbottabad raid on May 13, to the US mission will be probed and in this regard action will be taken today (Friday). The CD is in the...
  17. In Session

    In Session - 4th June 2011 - Rauf Klasra & Khurram Dastageer - Politics On Investigation Commission

  18. In Session

    In Session - 27th May 2011 - Siddiq Al Farooq & Haroon Rasheed - Silence Of Our Leaders on Wiki Leak

  19. janbazali

    A session with patriots in Dubai......Zaid Hamid [must watch]