1. J

    Indian Army sells used weapons in local market

  2. L

    How Media Propaganda Sells Wars to America (Must Watch)

    CIA forged documents were presented to the UN Security Council In Saddam's Bombmaker, scientist Khidhir Hamza describes a bogus story planted by the CIA in the Sunday Times on 2 April 1995. The story reported that Hamza had confirmed a secret Iraqi weapon programme, and claimed that he had been...
  3. sarmad

    A Chinese Boy Sells His Kidney To Buy An iPad And Now He Regrets It

    A 17-year-old Chinese boy decided to sell his kidney for 20,000 yuan so he could buy an iPad, the Shanghai Daily reports. But, he's not feeling well now, and he's regretting the decision. He had his kidney removed after being contacted by someone on the internet that specializes in this sort...