1. az.ay

    SAFMA is guilty of Pakisatn Penal Code section 123A (1)

    123-A Condemnation of the creation of the State, and advocacy of abolition of its sovereignty: (1) Whoever, within or without Pakistan, with intent to influence, or knowing it to be likely that he will...
  2. C

    Section 144 against wheelie, removal of bikes' silencers

    LAHORE: The city district administration has imposed section 144 against the wheelie and motorcycle riding without silencer pipes across the provincial capital. According to the DCO office sources, the ban would be enforced from August 13 till the night of 14th. A notification has been also...
  3. gazoomartian

    A New Section in Is Long Overdue -

    Attention All members; I have been a member since Dec 09 and have been actively participating in political arguments. I am sure you have noticed that the Indian members are free to join because believes in freedom of speech and opinion provided its within the terms of use. We had...
  4. w-a-n-t-e-d-

    plz make 2more section for news nd colums

    Assalam-o-alaikum wr wb bhai etna bara forum hai siasat k hawalay say magar es main news section or gernal colum or articalz k sections nahi hain... tajweez hai k yeh 2section bhi banayin jayin. JazakAllah khair
  5. U

    NEW WORLD ORDER Section 1 - Sub section 1.1 - Clause - a

    NEW WORLD ORDER Section 1 - Sub section 1.1 - Clause - a When Pakistanis are killed by Americans they called terrorist and America did such acts as self defense. At the end for all such acts who is responsible "TALIBAN". [hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar]