1. V

    Saudis announced Eid on wrong day?

    Here is link to official website of Saudia Arabia which shows correct date of Shiwal as 6th on 05/09/2011.
  2. crankthskunk

    Muslims in the Region brace 100's of years slavery after this step by Saudis

    I am so saddened since yesterday I have not watched the news or read the forum after the news of the attack in Karachi. While the fire in Muslim world is burning from Africa to Pakistan. Muslims getting killed from both ends, two countries under occupation, one more under daily attack...
  3. H

    Saudis reject Mecca holy water scare

    Zam Zam water contaminated with arsenic - BBC Saudis need to do a thorough investigation ASAP. I would be interested in comparing the cancer rates in Mecca to London. Quote: Contaminated Zam Zam holy water from Mecca sold in UK By Guy Lyn Holy drinking water contaminated with...
  4. hans

    Do Saudis Goverment indulge in Shirq & Bidha????.......Say Not Yet Ready For Women Voting

    My question is... who decide Women voting is legal in Islam or not? March 29, 2011 Authorities in Saudi Arabia say they are not yet ready for women citizens voting in elections in the Gulf Arab kingdom. Electoral committee chief Abdulrahman al-Dahmash on March 28 pledged that women will be...