1. 1-Man-Army

    PMLN's Mushahidullah left speechless (Just one MNA did 6 Billion Rupees of corruption).

  2. canadian

    Firdous Ashiq Awan Assets: 755 tolas (9.060 Kg) gold, 68 Million Rupees

    ISLAMABAD: Federal Information Minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan can be weighed in gold, as she possesses the precious metal in kilograms, according to her own declarations made to the Election Commission. Among the members of the Parliament she owns over nine kilos of the yellow metal which has a...
  3. hans

    Chairman Ratan Tata's Company, worth 4.32 trillion rupees ($96 billion)

    Source: MUMBAI: Indias leading conglomerate Tata Group has become the countrys wealthiest in terms of market capitalization, beating the combined wealth of the two Ambani brothers, stock exchange data...
  4. Nawazish

    Pakistani Parliment Costs us WHOPPING 55 THOUSAND RUPEES per *Minute*

  5. MediaCell

    PMLN Allocated 10 Crore Rupees For Imran Khan's Character Assassination
  6. Geek

    One Thousand and 60 Billion Rupees worth of Corruption by PML-N??

  7. A

    Allocation of 10 crore rupees has been taken place to malign Imran Khan image and do his character a

    I was watching program doosra pehlo and anchor put a question. According to him PMLN is allocating fund of 10 crore ruppee for IK character assasination. What else can we expect from these cheap people..:angry_smile:
  8. A

    Musharraff not ready to sell his house in chak shehzad for even 100 millions rupees

  9. simple_and_peacefull

    Raymond Davis: Deal was 1.05 billion, brokers took away 85 crore Rupees.
  10. P

    28 trillions of Pak Rupees are deposited in Swiss Banks - Is this true ??

    AN EMAIL I RECEIVED, CAN SOME ONE CONFIRM IF THIS IS TRUE ????????????? If this is true Mr Shahzad, would you know who deposited and under whose name the accounts are created. Is it Army, political party leader, or the president. How come all media channels and other party folks...