1. U

    No need to pick up your cargo now

    GITA is a cargo carrying robot that follows in your footsteps
  2. L

    Meet the unbeatable robot goalkeeper ,, very intersting

    By Eurosport, Yahoo! It is not as if the Germans need any more help winning penalty shoot-outs but they have now gone and built a robot who seemingly cannot be beaten from 12 yards out. 'RoboKeeper' was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund and since...
  3. 1

    A robot that flies like a bird

    an other human dream comes true.... full story:
  4. sarmad

    The robot uprising is closer than we think!

  5. karachiwala

    Japan a robot power everywhere except at nuclear plant

    By Jon Herskovitz TOKYO, March 17 (Reuters) - Japan may build robots to play the violin, run marathons and preside over weddings, but it has not deployed any of the machines to help repair its crippled reactors. While robots are commonplace in the nuclear power industry, with...

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