1. ealtaf

    Water Crisis can Trigger Nuclear War in South Asia

    Water crisis can trigger nuclear war in South Asia by Musharaf Zahoor Water is an ambient source, which unlike human beings does not respect boundaries. Water has been a permanent source of conflict between the tribes since biblical times and now between the states. The conflicts are much...
  2. mohib

    "US can win war without Pakistan" - US Defence Secretary Robert Gates

    As Barack Obama announced troops pullout, Robert Gates said US can win war without Pakistan. Success is possible in the war in Afghanistan even if Pakistan fails to fully cooperate in countering militants along its border, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates told a foreign news agency. With...
  3. FaisalLatif

    Robert Fisk: Middle East and Israel. (please watch, its informative)

  4. FaisalLatif

    Pakistan not helping Taliban or Alqaeda - Ex CIA Islamabad Station cheif Robert Grenier