1. mohib

    Fund Na Milay Tou "Insha Allah" Railway Jald Band Ho Jaye Ge - Railway Minister

    Rail Minister has predicted closure of trains as he claims fuel stocks have run out. Addressing a news conference in Lahore, somber-wearing Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour said diesel stocks would run out within two days, and the train service would be halted across the country. He said...
  2. B

    Sun Powered high Speed rail system in Europe - Food for thought for Bilor (railway minister)

  3. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Senator demands probe into Bahawalpur rail track sale

    Senator demands probe into Bahawalpur rail track sale By Irfan Ghauri Published: March 31, 2011 Durrani says 40km of track worth Rs3.8 billion sold for Rs90 million. ISLAMABAD: The sale of 40 kilometres of railway track in Bahawalpur believed to be worth Rs3.8 billion for just Rs90...

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