1. student

    Interesting and Thought provoking photos from facebook

  2. D

    A thought provoking column about pakistani establishments slavery to america

  3. canadian

    Ek Dukhi Shair Ki Yaad Dehani by Abdul Qadir Hassan......Thought Provoking.

  4. canadian

    Islam Aur Musalmaan.......A thought provoking article !!!

    Islam Aur Musalman by Qazi Hussain Ahmed
  5. maksyed

    PEMRA issues notices to 4 TV channels for provoking anti-national sentiments

    PEMRA issues notices to 4 TV channels for provoking anti-national sentiments ISLAMABAD, Jun 3, 2011 (APP) Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on Friday issued notices to Geo News, Dawn News, News One and Dunya News for being irresponsible and provoking anti-national...
  6. S

    Some threatening & thought provoking facts about Zakir Naik

    Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum, Please read carefully and objectively. If you have any questions, ask here
  7. Z

    U.S. Generals Provoking War with Pakistan - Gen. Hamid Gul

    Gen. Hamid Gul: U.S. Generals Provoking War with Pakistan TheAlexJonesChannel May 17, 2011 Hamid Gul, former ISI chief, talks about NATO firing on Pakistani troops, trying to start war and the prospect of World War III. Part 1/2 Part 2/2
  8. Malik495

    Ghareeb beemar aadmi (A thought provoking performance from Moin Akhtar)

    I have seen this video and couldnt stop my tears..please watch the whole video and think what moin akhter has portrayed as a poor man .. one of the best performance of moin akhter... plz note this is not a usual comedy program of lose will become sad after this...
  9. S

    A very thought Provoking Poem after Ramond Davis Release, Do not miss it!!! Soul touching Poem!!!

    Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum, After the continuous betrayal of Army (High Rank Officers), Judiciary, Politicians and Government. Here is a thought provoking poem.

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