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    Careem Offers Opportunity to Get Free Rides

    Careem offers opportunity to get free rides till 28 February. Careem, once again is offering free rides upto 25% to customers till 28 February. Customers can enjoy 25% off on two rides by applying a coupon code. Careem announced a treat for the customers on 15 February to get two free rides upto...
  2. patriot

    Quran Promo

  3. S

    MUST SEE! ACTUAL indian Missile ad! [creepy]

    guys here is an actual video of the israeli defence contractor 'rafael' that was on display at this year's defence expo in india. this really is an actual ad, no spoof or such. and just that this sort of thing is used to sell stuff in india and works. tells a great deal abt indian mindset.