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    Why do you support your political party

    I have a very simple question: Why do you support your political party? A)- Because of it's vision for the betterment of the country? B)- Because of the able and qualified people in the party? C)- Because of it's past achievement for the country (If so, what they have achieved so far?) D)-...
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    سیاست سے پاک

    سیاست سے پاک ذرا غور کریں تو کسی بھی ریاست کا تصور سیاست کے بغیر نا ممکن نظر آتا ہے - یہ سیاست ہی ہے جس کی مدد سے حکومتیں وجود میں آتی ہیں جو ریاست میں بسنے والے عوام کے امور کی دیکھ بھال کے لیے قوانین وضع کرتی ہیں اور ان قوانین کو ریاست میں موجود اداروں کی مدد سے نافذ کرتی ہیں غرض یہ کہ...
  3. L

    What Do You Think of Each Political Parties

    As elections are coming up soon, what are the 5 Words you guys associate with any political party? Here are the 8 Major Parties 1. PML Q 2. PPP 3. PML N 4. PTI 5. MQM 6. ANP 7. JI 8. JUI F Simply add 5 Words in front of each of them that come to your mind when you think of them
  4. hamdani

    Overseas Pakistani Altaf Hussain k is Mukalmey ka kia jawab dein gay ?

    Casting Doubt On The Patriotism Of Overseas Pakistanis Is Gross Injustice: Altaf Hussain Appeals to the Chief Justice of Pakistan and other judges of the Supreme Court to review their judgment on dual nationality Political parties should also reconsider their stance on the issue of dual...
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    Aadat ki siasat----Dr Safdar Mehmood

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    Chiragh nahin Sooraj By Haroon rashid

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    Solution for a mess in Pakistan---a Must read article

    Pakistans political whodunit Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri 3 July 2011 Politicians in Pakistan are back to their erstwhile business of foul-mouthing. The marriage of connivance is...
  8. atensari

    Will two-party system will help......

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_party_system Will “two-party system” will help bringing unity in nation and stability in our political system. Keeping in view the specific Pakistani environment to start with 4-5 parties instead two dozen. Please comment, what is in the best interest of...